November 12, 2012

QPKG updated to support CrashPlan 3.4.1 on QNAP NAS

CrashPlan backups stopped working on QNAP NAS

It seems that the excellent backup software CrashPlan was recently updated to version 3.4.1.

For users running CrashPlan on a QNAP NAS, by using the QPKG package available from the QNAP forums, this means that CrashPlan has simply stopped working (and is no longer backing up files).

This has to do with the CrashPlan auto-update feature, which unfortunately can't be disabled. The CrashPlan installer and the QPKG have completely different directory structures, and it appears to be something that can't be made to work on a QNAP NAS.

Unable to connect to the backup engine on QNAP NAS after CrashPlan released an upgrade.

Upgrade to the latest CrashPlan QPKG for your QNAP NAS

Good news is that dynek, who maintains the CrashPlan QPKG, released an updated version on November 11. It is now available in the QNAP forums and can be used for fresh installations or upgrades.

NOTE: Make sure to read the section "Update instructions" if you have already installed a previous version and are upgrading! You should not uninstall the old version!

November 6, 2012

SQL query shows the benefits of Block Change Tracking

SQL query that shows the benefits of BCT

To see how much you benefit from having Block Change Tracking enabled, use this query to calculate the percentage of blocks read and the number of blocks backed up during incremental backups.

For results to show up, you need to have Block Change Tracking enabled and have performed an incremental level 0 backup followed by one or more incremental level 1 backups.

The query returns one row for each datafile backed up using RMAN.

select file#, avg(datafile_blocks) blocks,
avg(blocks_read) blocks_read,
avg(blocks_read/datafile_blocks)*100 pct_read,
avg(blocks) blocks_backed_up
from v$backup_datafile
where used_change_tracking='YES'
and incremental_level=1
group by file#
order by file#

November 3, 2012

Stop "S Voice" from starting after double-pressing the home button on Samsung Galaxy S3

In Samsung Galaxy S3, Vlingo Voice Command (from SGS2) has been replaced by an application called "S Voice". Like its predecessor it is, by default, launched whenever you double-press the Home button.

Luckily, it's a lot easier to disable the shortcut than it was on the SGS2. You don't even have to remove the app from your phone.

Here's how to stop S Voice from starting whenever you double-press the Home button.

  1. Launch the S Voice application.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Disable/uncheck the "Launch S Voice" option in the settings menu.


Source: Androidcentral

September 20, 2012

IprediaOS automatically encrypts network traffic using the I2P network


IprediaOS is a fast, powerful and stable operating system based on Linux that provides an anonymous environment. Many applications are available in IprediaOS, including mail, peer-peer, bittorrent, IRC chat and others.

All network traffic is automatically and transparently encrypted and anonymized using the I2P network.

With IprediaOS you get

  • I2P Router
  • Anonymous BitTorrent client
  • Anonymous e-mail client
  • Anonymous IRC client
  • Browse Internet anonymously
  • Find anonymous eepSites (i2p sites)

About the I2P Project

I2P is an anonymizing network, offering a simple layer that identity-sensitive applications can use to securely communicate. All data is wrapped with several layers of encryption, and the network is both distributed and dynamic, with no trusted parties.

Run IprediaOS as a virtual machine with VirtualBox

If you want to run IprediaOS as a virtual machine, it's quite possible to do so. Just select Linux and Fedora as the OS type and give the machine at least 768 MB memory.


Minimize the time it takes to enable referential constraints by doing it in parallel

Alter session to "FORCE PARALLEL DDL"

The table in this example is created with the NOPARALLEL attribute. Using ALTER SESSION FORCE PARALLEL DDL, the validation of the constraint is done in parallel. This cuts the time consumed to under one minute in my environment.

-- Disable the constraint (only takes a second)

-- Enable constraint in parallel takes about 40 seconds (NOPARALLEL takes approx. 5 minutes)

What the documentation says about ALTER SESSION ... PARALLEL

The PARALLEL parameter determines whether all subsequent DML, DDL, or query statements in the session will be considered for parallel execution. This clause enables you to override the degree of parallelism of tables during the current session without changing the tables themselves.

FORCE forces parallel execution of subsequent statements in the session. If no parallel clause or hint is specified, then a default degree of parallelism is used. This clause overrides any parallel_clause specified in subsequent statements in the session but is overridden by a parallel hint.

Specify ENABLE to execute subsequent statements in the session in parallel. This is the default for DDL and query statements.
  • DML: DML statements are executed in parallel mode if a parallel hint or a parallel clause is specified.
  • DDL: DDL statements are executed in parallel mode if a parallel clause is specified.
  • QUERY: Queries are executed in parallel mode if a parallel hint or a parallel clause is specified.

Read more about ALTER SESSION [ENABLE | DISABLE | FORCE] PARALLEL [DML | DDL | QUERY] in the Oracle documentation on the links below.

September 19, 2012

Unregister Oracle database from recovery catalog when db is unavailable

The normal RMAN method with database target connection

To unregister an Oracle database from a recovery catalog you normally connect to the target database and the recovery catalog using RMAN (recovery manager) and issue the UNREGISTER DATABASE command. Like this.

$ rman 
RMAN> connect target / 
RMAN> connect catalog rcat@rcatdb
RMAN> unregister database;

But what if you want to unregister a database that has been deleted, or is unavailable for other reasons?

September 1, 2012

Solution to CrashPlan restore showing "no files found"

Trying to restore a file from CashPlan backup, but your client application does not display any files or the message "no files found"? Before you panic, see if this solves your problem!

If you know that files have been previously backed up, it may indicate a problem with your local CrashPlan cache. This is just a display issue and is normally resolved by clearing the cache and have CrashPlan rebuild it. This operation does not affect your backed up data, it is simply re-scanning each file.

Here's how to do it...

August 31, 2012

Set up CrashPlan on QNAP NAS using QPKG, the easy way

Introduction to CrashPlan


Here's how Wikipedia describes CrashPlan backup software:

CrashPlan is backup software that allows Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris users to back up their data to an offsite data center, computers belonging to friends and family, as well as to attached drives / shared folders. There is a free version (for non-datacenter backups) and CrashPlan+ which is for backing up to CrashPlan's servers. Both versions allow users to back up data automatically.

How it can be used on your NAS

If you are the owner of a NAS from QNAP, you can install CrashPlan and use it to backup the contents of your NAS to the CrashPlan data center, to other computers and/or external harddisks. You can also allow incoming backups, so that you and your friends and family can back up valuable documents and files to your NAS.

Installation instructions

I will not go into any more detail about what CrashPlan is. It's time to get it installed and set up on a QNAP NAS. This installation method does not require SSH tunneling.

Log Collector for Android

Collect system logs from your Android device for troubleshooting using Log Collector

When you need to troubleshoot an application that has crashed or is not performing properly, or you want to send that information to the developer of the app, the app Log Collector makes it easy.

What Log Collector does is collect a device log and ask you for a method to send it, where you'd like it to be sent (e-mail, messaging, etc.). The log data is used to troubleshoot an app that is misbehaving or crashing.

Samsung Account "processing failed" after firmware upgrade

How to resolve the "Processing failed" error logging in to Samsung Account after upgrade

A Samsung Account can be used to remotely control your phone. From your web browser you can locate your phone on a map, trigger an alarm so that you can find it in your home, wipe the contents of the phone if it's been stolen, and more.

Simply put; it may prove to be very useful when something bad has happened.

After upgrading my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), I got the error message "Processing failed" when trying to log in to my Samsung Account. Searching the web I found that I'm definitely not the only one.

The solution is very easy, once you know about it.

Copy Oracle Client home to a new server

Clone Oracle Client installation to a new server and register it in the oraInventory

First steps

Make a copy of the entire Oracle Client ORACLE_HOME and move it to the new server, where you want the client without having to install it. 

This can be done by creating a tar ball of the /opt/oracle/ directory and copying it across the network.

scp /opt/oracle/client_11.2.0.3.tar oracle@server2:/opt/oracle

June 28, 2012

Applied archivelogs not reclaimable on Oracle physical standby database

Bug stops applied archivelogs from being reclaimable

A bug in Oracle prevents archivelogs that have been applied on a physical standby database from being listed as reclaimable in the view v$flash_recovery_area_usage. It may also cause the FRA to fill up and cause the standby database to halt (while waiting to archive a logfile), possibly impacting primary.

How to remove Vlingo/Voice Command from your Android phone without rooting

Here's an easy way to remove/uninstall "Voice Command" from Vlingo, the annoying app that starts every time the home button is double-tapped on Samsung Galaxy S2. And sometimes when it's just pressed once...

Since "Voice Command" is a system application, it's not easily uninstalled and used to require the phone to be rooted and thus warranty voided.

Unlike the other ways of removing the app, this method works on Android phones that have been upgraded to "Ice-Cream Sandwich" (ICS) and does not require the phone to be "rooted".

Please note that there may not be a way to install it again, should you change your mind later. Maybe a factory reset brings it back, maybe it doesn't. I don't know, and have not tried to get it back.

Follow these steps to remove "Voice Command" from your Galaxy S2 with ICS without root

June 20, 2012

How to view Segment Advisor recommendations


Here's a quick note on how to view Segment Advisor recommendations using the ASA_RECOMMENDATIONS function of the DBMS_SPACE package.

If a segment would benefit from a segment shrink, reorganization, or compression, the Segment Advisor generates a recommendation for the segment.

You can view results in the following ways:
  • With Enterprise Manager
  • By querying the DBA_ADVISOR_* views
  • By calling the DBMS_SPACE.ASA_RECOMMENDATIONS procedure

The ASA_RECOMMENDATIONS function returns recommendations using the stored results of the auto segment advisor. This function returns results from the latest run on any given object.