June 28, 2012

Applied archivelogs not reclaimable on Oracle physical standby database

Bug stops applied archivelogs from being reclaimable

A bug in Oracle prevents archivelogs that have been applied on a physical standby database from being listed as reclaimable in the view v$flash_recovery_area_usage. It may also cause the FRA to fill up and cause the standby database to halt (while waiting to archive a logfile), possibly impacting primary.

How to remove Vlingo/Voice Command from your Android phone without rooting

Here's an easy way to remove/uninstall "Voice Command" from Vlingo, the annoying app that starts every time the home button is double-tapped on Samsung Galaxy S2. And sometimes when it's just pressed once...

Since "Voice Command" is a system application, it's not easily uninstalled and used to require the phone to be rooted and thus warranty voided.

Unlike the other ways of removing the app, this method works on Android phones that have been upgraded to "Ice-Cream Sandwich" (ICS) and does not require the phone to be "rooted".

Please note that there may not be a way to install it again, should you change your mind later. Maybe a factory reset brings it back, maybe it doesn't. I don't know, and have not tried to get it back.

Follow these steps to remove "Voice Command" from your Galaxy S2 with ICS without root

June 20, 2012

How to view Segment Advisor recommendations


Here's a quick note on how to view Segment Advisor recommendations using the ASA_RECOMMENDATIONS function of the DBMS_SPACE package.

If a segment would benefit from a segment shrink, reorganization, or compression, the Segment Advisor generates a recommendation for the segment.

You can view results in the following ways:
  • With Enterprise Manager
  • By querying the DBA_ADVISOR_* views
  • By calling the DBMS_SPACE.ASA_RECOMMENDATIONS procedure

The ASA_RECOMMENDATIONS function returns recommendations using the stored results of the auto segment advisor. This function returns results from the latest run on any given object.