September 1, 2012

Solution to CrashPlan restore showing "no files found"

Trying to restore a file from CashPlan backup, but your client application does not display any files or the message "no files found"? Before you panic, see if this solves your problem!

If you know that files have been previously backed up, it may indicate a problem with your local CrashPlan cache. This is just a display issue and is normally resolved by clearing the cache and have CrashPlan rebuild it. This operation does not affect your backed up data, it is simply re-scanning each file.

Here's how to do it...

Restore from CrashPlan Central shows "No Files Found"

If you see all of the following conditions, this may indicate a problem with your local CrashPlan cache:

  • Restore screen displays “no files found”.
  • Backup says it is 100% complete, or has recently been 100% complete.
  • Files are displayed in Restore if you search for a specific file that you know has been backed up.
  • Files are available via web restore (if backing up to CrashPlan Central). If you have several computers attached to the same CrashPlan account, you may also be able to see the files from another computer. 

How to rebuild the cache from CrashPlan Central

  1. Open CrashPlan on your computer, where you are having the problem.
  2. Double click the house logo in the upper right corner of the appliction.
  3. In the window that pops up, enter the text backup.replace 42
  4. Press enter/return to send the command

If you are experiencing this issue when restoring from your own destination or from a friend destination, you need to know the ID or the GUID of the destination in order to reset the cache. For instructions on how to find the GUID of a destination, see the CrashPlan support site.


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