November 12, 2012

QPKG updated to support CrashPlan 3.4.1 on QNAP NAS

CrashPlan backups stopped working on QNAP NAS

It seems that the excellent backup software CrashPlan was recently updated to version 3.4.1.

For users running CrashPlan on a QNAP NAS, by using the QPKG package available from the QNAP forums, this means that CrashPlan has simply stopped working (and is no longer backing up files).

This has to do with the CrashPlan auto-update feature, which unfortunately can't be disabled. The CrashPlan installer and the QPKG have completely different directory structures, and it appears to be something that can't be made to work on a QNAP NAS.

Unable to connect to the backup engine on QNAP NAS after CrashPlan released an upgrade.

Upgrade to the latest CrashPlan QPKG for your QNAP NAS

Good news is that dynek, who maintains the CrashPlan QPKG, released an updated version on November 11. It is now available in the QNAP forums and can be used for fresh installations or upgrades.

NOTE: Make sure to read the section "Update instructions" if you have already installed a previous version and are upgrading! You should not uninstall the old version!


  1. It would appear this may be happening again, As of 10/11/14 my crashplan is trying to update and now it will no longer function. Is anybody else having this problem?

    1. CrashPlan was updated to version 3.6.4. I believe it was about a month ago, but not sure. My backups are running fine after manually updating, now on version 3.6.4 (QPKG release 32).

      Make sure you have updated your QPKG to the latest version available in the forums (requires that you're signed in to your account):

      Note that you should not uninstall before updating, as always!

    2. The URL to the actual download of the QPKG should be this one: